Digitalize and go mobile!

Time has surpassed the traditionel conference, where rows with passive and sleepy participants fill up the plenary, listening to presentations, which by far interest the majority of the crowd (and where lunch actually is the highlight of the day).

Your participants are not supposed to be passive! They need to be active, motivated and participating. This should ensure you as head of conference the best circumstances to achieve the optimal result, when you get home to your organization and ask yourself the question: “Well, what was the outcome…?”

Let your participants put AGENDAPP in their pockets, before, during and after your activity, partly to ensure your a digital presence but also to offer your participants the right tool to secure the outcome of your event.

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Native app for Multiple platforms

  • Android

    Androidfor Google Play

    AGENDAPP is also available for Android devices, both as a core AGENDAPP version, already ready for download or as an AGENDAPP shell version.

  • iPhone/iPAD

    iPhone/iPADfor App Store or internal deployments

    We support AGENDAPP for the iPhone 5+, supporting the iPad as well. We also rent out iPad devices with the AGENDAPP preinstalled.

  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phonenot supported

    We are yet to support Windows Phone. With a market share close to 0%, we do not currently feel the need to support the Windows platform.

Why did we develop AGENDAPP?

Information, that you as a participant either were in the need for or just thought could be useful for you at some point during your visit? You were perhaps not be able to find this information in the e-mail that you did receive prior to your engagement in the conference or event? Not to mention the brochures, letters, whitepapers and other materials that should have prepared you for getting the most out of your time and investment?
AGENDAPP™ is designed and developed in order to deliver this information to relevant participants, when THEY demand it (pull) and when YOU as a facilitator supply it (push). GO Mobile has in other words developed a mobile tool, where information and communication is wrapped into one application, delivered to your participants smart phones devices, rapidly, effectively and in a user friendly and value adding manner.


  • The reasons

    Save time and use your ressources for something else. Keep your participants informed and motivated. You might see them again!

  • 100 % for you

    We have designed AGENDAPP in a generic way, so you can tweak it in the direction that you see most fit. Through an increasing library of features and modules you can – by simply drag and dropping – decide on how your session or app version should look like.

  • Go green!

    AGENDAPP supports the traditional elements which you use a vast amount of your budget on in relation to preparing your event, whether it being materials for presentations, agendas or programs, various brochure formats or forwarding practical info via e-mail or even letter sendouts.

  • Internal distribution or external app store? Your call!

    AGENDAPP supports end users participating in large exhibitions to companies that needs to handle and bring mission critical information to their employees.

AGENDAPP for all purposes

  • Internal enterprise distribution
    Do you need AGENDAPP as an internal meeting and conference tool for single or multiple activities in your organization, we can distribute AGENDAPP or your shell version to the appropriate assigned group(s) of people.

    AGENDAPP Enterprise deployment
    AGENDAPP Enterprise deployment
  • App Store submission
    Are you to facilitate a conference and have invited people from various organizations and institutions, then just use our generic and ready-to-go AGENDAPP already available for download on App Store and Google Play.

    AGENDAPP App store submission
    AGENDAPP App store submission
  • What about your very own?
    Let us develop your very own app version, build on the foundations of AGENDAPP, for yours to keep and for a fraction of the cost. Give your version a unique look-and-feel and distribute it in your own name and brand.

    AGENDAPP shell
    AGENDAPP shell


We cannot list the prices here on the AGENDAPP solution because of the fact that every project is different in scope and scale. Do you want to go with the native AGENDAPP already on the app stores, do you want your own, how many events are you planning, should we help in facilitating some or all areas, should we prep the AGENDAPP for you, etc. Lets us discuss your needs and layout the best solution for you, based on our experiences and ideas.

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