Case: AGENDAPP in Aarhus Kommune

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Aarhus Municipality facilitated the yearly Innovation and Trivsel 2013 conference in Aarhus´s largest indoor facility, the NRGi Arena. The number of registered participants winded up in about 1.200 people, making the conference one of the larger venues of the year in Denmark.

Among other mobile tools and services, GO Mobile supplied the conference with a customised version of AGENDAPP, a so-called AGENDAPP shell version.

2 months prior to the conference, all details about the right choice for the digital solutions fell into place for Aarhus Municipality. The conference that was going to be called “Innovation and Trivsel 2013” should have an app for both iPhones and Androids due to the variety of participants attending the venue.

To comply with the wishes for a “Innovation and Trivsel 2013” conference application, GO Mobile tweeked AGENDAPP to comply with a difference set of design guidelines. Here is what we changed in relation to the native AGENDAPP:

  • App icon
  • Splash / intro screen
  • Costumised background image
  • Costumised topbanner image
  • Translated main elements into Danish
  • Tweeked Push Notifications

After the final rounds of testing and Q&A, we performed a submission to the App Store and Google Play, branded as the TRIVSEL2013 conference app, giving it the proper identity to comply with the actual conference facilitator.

The TRIVSEL2013 was downloaded 577 times from the App Store and Google Play during the period, peeking a couple of days before as well as during the conference day. The TRIVSEL2013 is currently still available on the app stores.