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Any questions?

You might have questions that either arose from reading these pages or from wishes and demands that you have to a conference application. Read below to see if we already know your questions or concerns. If not, do not hesitate to contact us. We can answer most of them.

Due to different scope and scales of any conference or event, we have not setup AGENDAPP as a 100% plug & play solution. You need to contact us initially to explain to us your activity and your requirements.
This is our white labeled version of AGENDAPP with a neutral look. This version is already available on App Store and Google Play for your participants to download. This means that you can be up and running with a conference app for your activity in 5 minutes, if you are satisfied with:

A: The style and expression
B: The version is published under our name
C: With our AGENDAPP app icon.
D: With our description and searchable metatags on the app stores.

If the above suit your needs, then the core AGENDAPP is the fastest-to-go and most cost attractive solution for you.

We call it a shell AGENDAPP, because we are packing the core foundations of AGENDAPP into your own shell. This means that you will get your very own conference app, developed with your style and designs and submitted to the App Store and Google Play in your own brand. This is what you get, if you choose an AGENDAPP shell:

A: Your own submission with description, screen images, etc.
B: Your own home screen app icon.
C: Your own splash/intro screen.
D: Option of customising small top banners.
E: Development of unique modules and features or adjustments of the existing ones in the module and feature repositories.

If you want your very own AGENDAPP to keep and reuse, then the shell AGENDAPP is the most attractive solution for you.

Your content is brought to the AGENDAPP (core and/or shells) through the AGENDAPP CMS. From here, you can administer all your digital conference content, create new program points and descriptions, edit news posts, upload materials and media to the app, create and administer feedback sessions and view results and usage, create ratings/votings and commments campaigns and generate live URL templates for big screen presentations and so much more.

If you choose to administer your conference content yourself (preparing the AGENDAPP before the conference, supplying news and updated info during the conference as well as supplying content after the conference), then we simply forward to you login credentials to the web based AGENDAPP CMS, from where you can administer your content.
We actually designed the AGENDAPP to handle precisely that. From the Active Events list, you can list as many events or activities as you prefer, from workshop groups to a pool of subsequent single or reoccuring events.

This means that you can direct a segment of your participants to one event universe and another segments to a different event universe. Perhaps you have multiple workshop groups that hold their own activities within the main event. The AGENDAPP can accompany this and much more.

We would be more than glad to help. Should you choose to engage us in handling the digital side of things, we see to match images in the AGENDAPP with the relevant subjects, we prepare the AGENDAPP with visuals and content, we make sure to keep the AGENDAPP alive during the conference by pushing content, updates and notifications that you have approved, etc. We can furthermore supply with other digital tools and solutions to allow your conference to explore as well as exploit the mobile potentials at hand.
The price plans have one thing in common. We charge a basic license fee per event, regardless of the approach chosen. For this basic license fee, you actually can get on your way with our core AGENDAPP already on the app stores and with login credentials to the AGENDAPP CMS. Other pricing elements is for the shell AGENDAPP (your very own version of AGENDAPP), facilitating hours and developing hours for special module or feature requests. That┬┤s it!