Top3 features



Connect with LinkedIn. Encourage your participants to share a selction of their LinkedIn information with other participants to enrich the profile information in the Participants lists. Here, participants can see who has connected and learn more about the connected profiles. Participants can connect to other participants directly through AGENDAPP.



Utilise the advantages of push notifications. Participants can define the events that they want to receive push notifications from. Hence, the facilitator can select from the AGENDAPP CMS, which event a push notification should be directed to. The push notifications go to all the users that have activated push notifications in the particular event.


Calendar integration

If the participants need to set a reminder to a program point, for instance to remember a specific presentation or workshop, the participant can enable the Notify Me feature and a calendar task is created in the native calendar application in the participants device.

The heart of the AGENDAPP

  • Prepare for launch before your session

    The AGENDAPP CMS is your key administration interface. From here you prepare and control single and/or multiple sessions in AGENDAPP, decide which modules you would like to incorporate into your individual sessions, when your sessions begin and from when they are to be listed in the AGENDAPP.

  • Maintain and update AGENDAPP during your session

    Save time and use your ressources for something else. Keep your participants informed and excited. You might see them again!

  • Keeping AGENDAPP alive after your session

    We made the AGENDAPP generic so you can tweek it in the way that fits your needs. Through a repository of templates and modules, you decide by just drag-and-dropping, how your version of AGENDAPP should look like.

  • Multiple sessions, conferences or workshops? No problem

    AGENDAPP is build to support both public participants attending a public faire or an invited-only group conference with mission critical information.


Multiple sessions


Your active events list

An easy approach to handle multiple events is the Active Events list. From here, you can list all of your conferences, events, venues and seminars. All sessions are sorted, keeping the overview intact. When tabbing a particular session, the participant then enters a unique setup for the chosen session.

You can hide events to not show in the events lists and invite your participants to enter a password to enter. Afterwards, your events is presented in the active event list, but only for the participants who have enter the password.

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