The Dashboard


The single point of entry

The Dashboard is the center of navigation. From here, you can launch any module appointed to the session as well as see which modules have been updated or changed. This provides the user with instant access to those items, which require immediate attention. And the Dashboard button is always available, no matter the app page currently active.

From the AGENDAPP CMS, you can furthermore drag&drop modules in and out of the Dashboard, depending on the objective of your session. Should you add more modules than can be shown on one dashboard page, then just swipe to Dashboard page 2 on your device.

And did we mention that each user (typically part of a group) can have a customised dashboard setup, so you can both share and offer different features and content to each of your groups and users, all from within the same session!

Staggering Modules

The Program


Participants get information on the agenda for your conference or event, sorted by time and date. The Program list automatically jumps to the program point, that corresponds with the actual date and time. This functionality keeps all relevant program points within sight.

By tabbing a specific program point, the participants can read about the specific content in more detail as well as add the program point to their device calendar.

The News

Latest news

In the News list, you can post news of any kind – before, during and after your session. Examples can be changes to the Program list such as re-allocation of facilities, cancellations of presentations as so forth. The most recent news are placed on the top of the News list for convenient access.

Always updated. Always prepared. Always satisfied.

Practical information

In the Information list, you can post anything that has remotely relevance to your conference or event, information that you might think your participants request or expect. From how to book a taxi, how to get to and from the airport, the lunch menu, housing accommodations, currency rates, info center, history and backgrounds and much more.

Third-party applications and websites can also be linked to and launched from the Information list.



The Material list is defined as your conference/event file library. Here, you have the option of publishing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, etc.

Presentation materials are often handed out to support the participants during the lecture presentations. Many times, these materials disappears in e-mails, as handouts and so forth.

Therefore, participants can not only view the materials that also can be ordered into folders, but also e-mail the materials to themselves or others for further processing.

Attending participants

The Participant list shows all enrolled and registered participants with profile images, names, titles and working companies. The Participant list is of course made searchable so that every participant is within reach.



Upload your images into the Media module to give your participants insights and inspiration. Participants can save or email the content to themselves or others. In order to keep AGENDAPP professional and with structured content, only the facilitator has the option of feeding the Media module with content.


Let your participants submit a post, question or reflection on the Comments & Question board. Use it as a information sharing and knowledge collection and encourage your participants to actively contribute with inputs during a lecture or debate.

The participants can post anonymously or by name. All posts can be viewed on a big screen in realtime so moderators, facilitators and participants can focus on what is at hand.



The Feedback list gives you a unique opportunity to ask about any subject and any question, letting your participants give you feedback, ratings and comments. Request your participants view on the quality and performance of presentations, lectures or events, the food, the facilities or the infrastructure.

If quantitative, costumed-defined ratings are not enough, encourage your participants to give a qualitative comment to their rating. This often substantiates the entire value of the feedback.

When your participants start to rate your subjects and questions, AGENDAPP™ CMS collects and structures all feedbacks submitted. This gives you a unique insight and value-added information from your participants, information that actually gives an objective view on your posed subjects and questions.

Constant module development

AGENDAPP is an ongoing development project with constant under-the-hood performance improvements to ensure our clients and users the best, fastest and most reliable conference application in the market. However, once in a while you need to be excited and thrilled about seeing new things.
That is why we are constantly on the looks for new ways to add increased valueadding functionality, features and modules to the solution for our clients to choose from. In this area we are extremely keen on developing only those modules that supports the AGENDAPP as a professional conference application.

Want a quote?

Prices and involvement vary and depend on the type of activity. Maybe you are to facilitate a huge conference over 3 days with 2000 participants and wants AGENDAPP to take an active part before, during and after the activity? Or perhaps you are managing a small series of meetings where you really just need a Program and a Voting module and will handle it all yourself. The possibilities are many fold. So start by giving us a call or an e-mail with your request and we´ll do our outmost to help your further